A lot of parents currently have a role in their kid's life they never thought they'd have - teacher. But every single person who has stepped into that role is doing amazing. Our new Teacher of The Week is a parent turned at-home teacher for her son and she's doing an awesome job.

Congratulations to home school teacher Kacie Goens! Kacie was nominated by her friend Renee and the nomination letter reads -

Kacie is a client and friend of mine...my kids are 14 and 18 and praise the moms that have little ones during this time...every day she does the most creative ways to teach her son Maddox.

I have been following her on social media and look forward to watching all the creative projects she does...some of them have been so cool that I have contacted her on the directions. She goes on some of the coolest field trips all around Rockford. Places I didn’t even know existed and I’m the one originally from Rockford. She has also taken Maddox to elderly people’s homes and he plays the violin outside for them. She’s a career mom with a family and now teacher as well...I can’t say this enough how much she makes me want to go back to school just from the fun projects she does...things moms wish their kids would come home with from school. Again I understand these times are hard for families with little ones and Kacie makes it look really easy although we all know it’s not. Hopefully you can catch a glimpse of her projects from her social media and you will see exactly what I’m talking about!! Thanks for your time!!

Kacie sent us some pictures of these projects and we totally agree that we want to be a student in her class. She also sent us a picture of him playing violin! Check these adorable photos out.


Kacie got a delivery of a delicious bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist.

If you have a favorite teacher you'd like to nominate you can do that HERE!

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