Today, we honor a high school teacher for going beyond what was expected of him to help this Illinois mom's daughter and others.

97ZOK Teacher of the Week

We've received so many great letters sharing stories of remarkable teachers all over the Rockford, Illinois region, here's another story of a teacher's high level of compassion for incoming freshmen at his high school


Matt Stucky from South Beloit High School in South Beloit, Illinois

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Matt was nominated for this honor by Amber Laue, she writes:

My daughter started her first day of high school today.  She struggles with anxiety and was excited about high school, but also super nervous.  At freshmen orientation Mr. Stucky asked my daughter where she felt most comfortable sitting and then reached out to me to ask me information about what would help her feel safe in his class.

Today, the first day of school, she was invited to eat lunch in his classroom with her friends.  He always invites freshmen into his classroom during lunch if they need to get away from the hectic lunchroom.


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This is above and beyond what was expected of him as a teacher.  I am so thankful that his classroom is a safe place for her and other students.   He has gone above and beyond what was expected of him and it is only the first day!

Thank you, Mr. Stucky for allowing students access to your room during lunch and ensuring that students feel safe and comfortable learning in your classroom.


As Teacher of the Week, Matt was surprised with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and money to spend at WM Day Spa Salon.

Listen to Matt's chat with The Steve Shannon Show.

97ZOK Teacher of the Week-Matt Stucky by Steve Shannon

If you would like to nominate your favorite teacher, click HERE.

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