Congratulations to our newest, Teacher of the Week!

Congratulations to Mr. Doyle from Whitman Post Elementary in Rockton. 97ZOK's newest Teacher Of The Week won flowers from Broadway Florist and a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. And this was a special visit. "Buckets" Blakes from The Harlem Globetrotters came along and gave tickets to Mr. Doyle's entire class to see their December 30th game at The BMO Harris Bank Center.

Mr. Doyle was anonymously nominated by one of his student's parents. They write:

When we were notified in the beginning of the year with our teacher selection, we were skeptical and a little concerned since Mr. Doyle was a first year teacher. After a few short weeks we noticed there was something different this year when it came to school for our son. He was always a great student, but this year he has taken a more active role in all of his school work. Our son looks forward to school, doing his work and always talks about school when he gets home. Most parents aren't in the classroom on a daily basis, so one of the first encounters we had with Mr. Doyle was a t the Halloween party. We noticed at the party that Mr. Doyle was very interactive with all of his students and participated in all of the games and activities with the kids. After hearing a commercial on the radio, my son asked me if we could nominate his teacher for Teacher Of The Week. I asked him to give me some reasons why we should nominate Mr. Doyle and he said, "mom there's so many reasons." "The biggest one is he makes learning fun." "School is never fun, but this year is really fun." "Mr. Doyle also never yells, he just says 'grrrr' when he's angry or not happy with one of us." Mr. Doyle is so nice, and he just deserves to be Teacher Of The Week. All the kids love him.

Teacher Of The Week: Mr. Doyle From Whitman Post Elementary

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