Congratulations to our brand new teacher of the week, Mrs. Calderwood from Rock Cut Elementary School.

Mrs. Calderwood won dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes and flowers from Broadway Florist. Lori Romero nominated Calderwood for the award. Romero says :

Mrs. Calderwood has been a Rock Cut Elementary teacher for many years. She exemplifies the key characteristics of an outstanding teacher. She maintains a rigorous academic culture in the classroom, encourages the students to step out of their comfort zone and try new experiences, builds on the students individual strengths, and opens their eyes to new experiences daily. She provides structure in the classroom allowing students to feel safe and comfortable with the expectations of the classroom. My son, Jayden Romero, states that Mrs. Calderwood is one of his favorite teachers because he encourages his love of poetry and vocabulary. In addition to teaching her 4th grades students the curriculum, she teaches them to be kind to one another, trustworthy, and to accept responsibility for their actions. While these character traits are not part of the curriculum they are a vital component of the kind of person I want my son and the rest of society to possess. Both of my sons have had the esteemed pleasure of having Mrs. Calderwood for their 4th grade teacher, and they are better because of it. Thank you for considering to honor this most well deserved teacher.

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