Congrats to 97ZOK's brand new teacher of the week, Ms. Nordman from Oregon High School.

Ms. Nordman was nominated by Jarren Heitter, Chuck Gatz, and Lydia Cermak.

Her letter reads -

Ms. Nordman is always looking out for her students. She is a proud Oregon Hawk with a tremendous spirit. She is like one of the students and treats us as an equal. She puts a lot of effort into her classes and forms good relationships with students when she doesn't have to. She doesn't let any student fall behind and genuinely cares about us. She uses all her free time towards her students. So much so, that she eats lunch in her study hall while helping students with their homework. She has amazing energy and enthusiasm for teaching us and she deserves to be recognized for her outstanding positivity.

We weren't able to deliver her flowers from Broadway Florist, cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and gift certificate from Oriental Trading Company in person, but we still got to call her and celebrate and let her know about all her awesome winnings.

Ms. Nordman did send us some class pictures though!


You can nominate your favorite teacher to be our next Teacher of The Week HERE!

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