When I stumble upon any 'best ____ in every state' article I ALWAYS fall into the rabbit hole. Is there anyone who doesn't? You obviously want to know what the best one is in YOUR state!

So I recently found the best burrito in every state. Mexican food is my absolute favorite so of course I had to see what Illinois' was. Unfortunately the best IL burrito isn't in Rockford, but it isn't far.

Turns out En Hakkore 2.0 in Chicago is home to Illinois' best burrito.

But there's a catch ... it's not a normal burrito.

It's a sushi burrito!

Sushi burrito
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Hakkore 2.0 has 6 different options of sushi burritos ranging from vegetarian options to the 'crunch fire' burrito.

Is it just me or does a sushi burrito not really count? I get it ... it IS a burrito in the sense that it's composed in burrito form. However, it's not REALLY a burrito. They're good, I can't lie about that. But I've had some incredible burritos in Chicago from some Mexican restaurants that deserve the title.

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