The 'Long Island Medium', shared many of the beautiful things our deceased loved ones do during her conversation Thursday morning with The Steve Shannon Show.

Theresa Caputo will be sharing her amazing gift with us all during her live show October 30 at Northern Illinois University's Convocation Center. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to see her live and in-person, she shares with us exactly what to expect.

There is a common theme the dead are sharing with us, do you know what that is? There are reasons you can't even imagine why our loved ones want so badly to use Theresa to touch us. Are you aware of how often you are spoken to by your lost loved one? Theresa shares the many ways you're being contacted and you probably didn't know it. How did this ability come to be for Theresa Caputo, and does it still feel like a gift after two solid hours of being used to speak for the dead? The 'Long Island Medium' answers those questions and more, in her phone conversation with Steve Shannon.

To purchase your tickets to see Theresa Caputo live at NIU's Convocation Center on October 30th, click here.

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