You can put just about anything out at your curb for garbage pickup and someone is likely to drive by and help themselves to it. Not this time.

A friend shared a photo on Facebook that reminds me of the funniest story I've ever heard about putting stuff on your curb that you no longer want.

It's not the kindest story ever but it does speak loudly about every city's criminal element.

Photo by Frame Harirak on Unsplash
Photo by Frame Harirak on Unsplash

This guy put a bike on his curb that said 'Free Bike' and he was certain someone would drive by and take it home, but after a full day, the bike remained.

There was nothing wrong with the bike, he just didn't want it anymore.

So, the guy came up with another plan. His new plan (and sign) appealed to that criminal element. The type of person that wants to take something from others.

His new sign said, 'Bike $25'.

That bike was swiped from his curb before he could walk back into his house and watch from out of the window.

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Tossed Out Mattress with Hilarious Warning to Rockford Garbage Pickers

Somebody tossed out an old mattress over the weekend and really did any and all garbage pickers a favor.

Not everyone is grossed out by a used mattress, some might see these mattresses at the curb and find them useful.

Whoever threw out these old mattresses is one very kind individual

take a look at what they spray painted on the mattress to make sure no one took them from the curb.

Lou Rios via Facebook
Lou Rios via Facebook

You think someone took it anyway? I sure hope not. Im starting to itch just looking at it.

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