We're only a couple of weeks into fall and it looks like there's more than just leaves that are falling; it appears that the crisp fall air, a kiss from the sun on a comfortable day and the sweetness of locally grown apples has one couple from Chicago falling deeper into love.

According to WIFR, Kyle Vowel knew that his girlfriend, Sierra, had always wanted to go apple picking; he also knew that he wanted to propose soon, so he took her to Curran's Orchard where he had her pick the perfect red box with a ring, not a worm, inside.

What a wonderful proposal idea for fall lovers. Fellas, if you're thinking about proposing, this is a great idea. Imagine the look on her face when you offer to pick an apple for her, only to turn around and get down on one knee with a little red box in your hand and you ask her to marry you. You could say something like this, "___________, if you were an apple, I'd pick you first...will you marry me?" Feel free to use that one.

Congratulations Kyle and Sierra; I wish you all the best.