If you've ever wondered what a rooster's Tinder profile would look like, I'm pretty sure this is the closest thing you're going to find.

Meet Winnebago County Animal Services latest resident, Cluck Norris. Yes, you read that correctly. CLUCK Norris.

Is it weird that I totally agree that this rooster is a fine, handsome man? I mean, just look at the guy! The post even details his attributes and to be honest, it's everything you'd want in a partner's profile -

  • Fine looking
  • Good company
  • Super friendly
  • Greets you
  • Likes to hang out
  • Get's very excited about food
  • Favorite food is corn
  • Likes to be pet (Ok maybe this one would be weird on Tinder)

Sounds like a stand up guy to me, except this time, it's a rooster. But not just any rooster, it's Cluck Norris. Here's what kind of rooster Cluck is according to WCAS -

Our staff believe he is a golden Seabright Bantam. Golden refers to his color, and Sebright Bantam refers to his breed. Bantams are a smaller breed like pocket sized chicken.

If you're interested in adopting, visit our website and complete an adoption questionnaire- www.wcasrock.org
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