White Claw single handedly took over the alcohol world this year. It's all I saw on social media this Summer, and even with Winter in full swing, people are still sipping the summery drink. So it's only smart for companies to use the craze to their advantage. One Milwaukee bar is doing just that.

Jack’s American Pub introduced a new game this month. It's actually a claw machine ... filled with White Claw and White Claw swag. And it only costs $1 to play. The bar shared the news on their Facebook page, check out what it looks like -

The caption reads -

Come try out our new Claw for Claw game! Win a White Claw or White Claw swag! You know you love White Claw so come take a chance at winning a free one! Get Involved!

I'm just curious if the claws are chilled or not. Because it sounds fun to play, but not fun to win a warm White Claw. Either way it's genius.

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