Working for a company that truly cares about you is hard to find sometimes.  At this Wisconsin Coffee Company, they're all about building independence one cup at a time!

I've had my fair share of jobs where the management didn't care about their staff at all.

These types of companies would rather overwork you at minimum wage and have such unrealistic expectations when they could be awesome like this coffee company in Hartland, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Coffee Company Brews Up More Than Just Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Inclusion Coffee Company is the place we all wish we could work at.  If you like making drinks, running a register, or even cooking, there's something for every neurodiverse individual to become skilled at in their shop!

"Inclusion Coffee Company provides a fun yet challenging environment for neurodiverse individuals—through working at the shop they gain insight and skills to perform such tasks as cooking, drink making, money handling, customer service, and more." [ICC]


I read that Inclusion's goal is to have more than 50% of their staff positions be filled by neurodiverse individuals.  What does that mean?

Being neurodivergent means you work a little differently from the “neurotypical” person.

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That could mean you struggle making eye contact while talking, having speech or language challenges, or even having difficulty working with a large group.

That's why Inclusion Coffee Company is so cool - they're all-inclusive and brew up some mean coffee flights!  Take a look at one of their fall menu items, yum!

If you're now telling yourself you have to make a visit to this shop, they're celebrating National Coffee Day on Friday, September 29th.

The perfect day to celebrate with them and grab a coffee!

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Not only does Inclusion serve delicious coffees, they have an awesome owner and founder, Mackenzie Edinger.

"the success of Inclusion Coffee Company has allowed her to meet her goal of changing the lives of neurodiverse individuals and making the world a better place!"

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I absolutely love companies like this local shop.  If might be quite the drive from Rockford, but it looks totally worth it!

We're keeping you up to date about everything fall-related from coffee, to pumpkin patches, to apple orchards, and even haunted houses.  Check it all out here!

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