Police are looking for the guilty individual who dumped a whole bunch of VHS tapes along the side of the road.

Police in Antigo, Wisconsin discovered that someone had dumped several VHS tapes along side the road from their car window on Western Avenue in their small town. Police took to social media to ask why in a hilarious posting.

Now, we understand that maybe you were having a bad day, or that you just couldn't find a VHS player anymore, you still shouldn't have let those tapes loose onto the side of the street. We all know that "While You Were Sleeping" is not the greatest film ever made, you can probably let that one go. Heck even IMDb only gave it a 6.7 and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 6.5. This still doesn't mean you junk it. And Porky's, that one goes all the way back to 1981, what a classic, should have hung on to that one.
Not only was the film on the sides of the road ugly, but believe it or not, VHS film is not environmentally friendly or biodegradable. We are certain the farmers on each side of the road did not appreciate it in their fields either.
But don't sweat it, we took it into our own hands and picked everything up and disposed of it for you. As a friendly reminder, the City of Antigo has garbage cans and recycling bins for your use downtown if you absolutely cannot find a spot for the tapes. Or just bring the box to us and we can dispose of it for you. Please don't litter.
Your Antigo Police Department
Stay safe Antigo.

Wisconsin Police Looking For the VHS Tape Dumper
Antigo Police Dept Photo


Apparently, the VHS Vandal forgot the important lesson:

Be Kind.... Rewind

.....And most importantly, throw away your trash!

Let's hope the VHS criminals can be captured!




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