Snow as a kid means you get to wake up and go sledding, build a snow man, and all the other fun winter activities. Snow as an adult means you get to wake up and plow the driveway.

I feel like the morning after a big snow fall neighborhoods are filled with grumpy adults just trudging up and down their driveway with their snow plow. But what if one of your neighbors plowed their driveway in costume? It would make the morning of plowing WAY more enjoyable.

Well that's exactly what happened in one Wisconsin neighborhood when we got all that snow last month. Melody Rummel is that neighbor who decided she needed to be the one to spread joy to her neighborhood. And her hilarious act got some serious recognition recently. Her video was shared by Good Morning America.

I can't stop smiling when I watch the video! It's so hilarious and I can't even imagine going out to plow my own driveway and looking over and seeing that, I would crumble from laughter.

Melody commented on Good Morning America's video saying -

This is me!! I am the Wisconsin Unicorn Snowblower!  Thank you Good Morning America for sharing! ❤️

I think this is my favorite comment on the video though -

 I also commend you for your commitment to safety. No way you’d get hurt if you slipped on the ice in that costume! You would just bounce back up! Awesome!

So many people in the comments got a kick out of it, and I'm sure it inspired them to add some silliness to their lives as well.


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