I'm a sucker for 'best' and 'worst' lists. Isn't everyone? You want to know where you personally fall on the list. Does you state have the best cheese fries or the worst economy? The only way to find out are these lists.

Today's list - jobs. Every job has its pros and cons. Some with more cons than pros. Most of the worst jobs in America rank poorly because they have the least job security in the U.S. labor force.

So without further ado ... the 25 worst jobs in America according to USA Today -

25. Photographer

24. Food Server

23. Roofer

22. Welder

21. Water Transportation Worker

20. Brickmason

19. Automobile Mechanic

18. Buyer

17. Truck Driver

16. Construction Laborer

15. Dock Worker

14. Bus Driver

13. Chef

12. Firefighter

11. Pest Control Worker

10. Painter

9. Advertising Salesperson

8. Broadcaster

7. Disc Jockey

6. Corrections Officer

5. Enlisted Military Personnel

4. Retail Salesperson

3. Newspaper Reporter

2. Logger

1. Taxi Driver

Well, don't feel bad if you made the list. I studied #8 in college (broadcasting) and am currently employed as #7 (disc jockey). But hey, I have the best job in the whole world. Work is work, nobody loves everything about their job. But hey, that's life!

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