I've written about a lot of dream job opportunities before. From getting paid to hike and drink beer, to getting paid to binge movies, you can find plenty of fun ways to make money. But I've officially found my favorite.

You can literally get paid to eat cheese.

If that doesn't sound like a dream, I don't know what does. Whisps AKA the cheese-crisps snack company, is searching for a new taster to join the "Whisps Cheese Board" as cheese executive officer. What does that even mean? According to Insider -

The gig involves reviewing new Whisps snacks and artisan cheeseboards, plus training with industry experts. As a brand ambassador, one cheese fan will receive monthly deliveries of Whisps Cheese Crisps and quarterly deliveries of cheese boards for review.

THIS IS MY DREAM JOB. Delicious cheese boards sent to me? Sign me up.

It's a job, so you do get paid! The winner will receive a $1,500 stipend and $2,000 cash. They'll also receive $1,500 worth of swag, bringing the total pay day to around $5,000.

You have to be 21, and to apply you'll have to write a "brief essay" about why you love cheese and would be the perfect match.

Honestly, I could write a 5 page essay on why I love cheese, so I think I'll apply. You can apply here.

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