Missy is a Pit bull mix with a story so heartbreaking we almost couldn't keep it together while talking about her on the show.

9-Year-Old Pet Of The Week's Sad Story Needs A Happily Ever After

Missy, before finally coming to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary permanently, was no stranger to the shelter. On numerous occasions, Missy would get out and Noah's Ark would find her and return her. After finding her for the 4th time, Noah's Ark had her micro-chipped. A few months after her microchip was inserted, she was shot in the face. Someone was going around shooting Pit bulls. Noah's Ark immediately rushed her to surgery and reconstructed her face. And her sad story does not end there. A couple months later, her owners abandoned her and her brother at Airport Pet Lodge by the Rockford Airport. That's when Noah's Ark took her in permanently.

Please help Missy find her happily ever after. She's so filled with love and needs it in return.

To meet Missy and get more information on adopting her, or any animal at Noah's Ark, visit the sanctuary at 111 N. 1st St. in downtown Rockford.

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