If you have a fear of sinkholes or the floor caving in underneath of you at any point in time, what I am about to show might be triggering.

I am deathly afraid of sinkholes.  That's why I've always said I will never move to Florida, it's just too risky and there is a much higher percentage rate of falling victim to a sinkhole.

Whenever I hear a story of someone getting sucked into one while they were sound asleep, it makes the hairs on my arms stand up.

Now I get on Facebook and see a police officer in Dixon, Illinois VOLUNTARILY standing in a sinkhole in the middle of the road?

On Facebook the officers posted,

"A sink hole has formed in the 700 block of Nachusa... the first picture didn't look convincing enough so we added an officer for a size reference. Dixon Street Department is on the way!"


Via Dixon Police Dept - FB
Via Dixon Police Dept - FB

He's actually knee-deep in that sinkhole, too.  I would be too afraid thinking the sinkhole would cave in more and more.  I mean, it's a total possibility if you think about it.

Nope, it's making me nauseas just looking at him stand in it.

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Honestly, in the amount of time they spent trying to take the photo and having the officer get in it, they probably could've had majority of it fixed (lol).

Via Dixon Police Dept - FB
Via Dixon Police Dept - FB

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If you see a sinkhole like this, I highly suggest not standing in it.  That could be my irrational fear kicking in, but also I don't know why anybody would want to test the limits and depths of a sinkhole.

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