Apparently the Grinch made a stop in Rockford over the weekend, and it makes me SO MAD! Someone broke into Just Breathe 815's youth resource center on N Church St., and they stole gifts and electronics that were waiting to bring joy to many local underprivileged kids and teens this Christmas.

Kevin Ware, Just Breathe 815's founder, told WIFR that when people arrived at the resource center on Sunday morning they " found out the door had been open, and we saw gifts and things tore through".

The items stolen included several TV's, game and other electronics, plus several Christmas gifts the center was getting ready to donate.

You guys, I get that desperate times call for desperate measures and that sometimes people just don't care who they hurt, but dang, stealing from an organization whose sole purpose is to help our community, is just about as low as you can go.

WIFR reports that Rockford Police believe they know who is responsible for the theft, and that they are working with Kevin Ware to "figure out how to press charges".

If you are willing and able to help Just Breathe 815 replace some of what was stolen, please consider doing so today. You can donate money directly at, or drop off items at one of their 4 drop-off sites located around Rockford. Find the list of drop-off locations here.

Of all the amazing people and organizations we have doing good in the Rockford community, Kevin Ware and Just Breathe 815 are at the top of my short list. They are trying to change the lives of the impressionable youth in Rockford, and to give them the tools they need to succeed in life. Sometimes a gift from someone who cares is a great place to start, so please consider donating today to show Just Breathe 815 we have their back and truly appreciate all they do for Rockford.

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