Teachers were put to the ultimate test this school year. Their job stretched FAR beyond the classroom for the final few months. Teachers, always go above and beyond, but this year proved just how dedicated teachers are to their profession.

Our final Teacher of the Week this year is no different. Congratulations to Susie Pfeifer from Ralston Elementary School!

Susie was nominated by a parent Sarah Kent, and the letter reads -

I would like to nominate my daughter's teacher because she is so deserving and want her to know how appreciated she is.  My daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and ODD.  She has always struggled with controlling her emotions and coping skills in every setting she's been in, including: daycare, home, and school.  She has frequent meltdowns and it is often impossible to coax her out of them.  Mrs. Pfeifer is beyond amazing with Lexi.  She uses the Calm app and meditates with her students frequently.  She is attuned to my daughter's needs and is very proactive when she knows she's about to hit her threshold, and then provides her with whatever she needs to be able to regulate herself again.  A few weeks ago my daughter was at the after school Y-care program at the school, and she was having a pretty severe meltdown.  Mrs. Pfeifer was working late that day and went down to check on her...well after school hours.  She brought my daughter back to her classroom and meditated with her and, once again, helped her get regulated before bringing her back.  She didn't have to do that... but she did it anyways.  I truly feel she cares so much about my daughter and ALL of her students.  We are so blessed and grateful to have Mrs. Pfeifer as our teacher this year.  She is a fantastic teacher with a heart of gold, and she truly deserves this recognition.

We got the chance to give Mrs. Pfeifer a surprise call and tell her how she is our new Teacher of the Week and how she also won a gift card from Oriental Trading Company, an arrangements from Broadway Florist, and a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

The 2019/2020 school year is one we will NEVER forget. So if a teacher went above and beyond, you can STILL nominate them for next year. The 2020/2021 school year will be here before we know it.

So nominate your favorite here.

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