I feel like a good phrase to describe the 2020-21 school year is "All hands on deck".

Our brand new Teacher of The Week answered that all hands on deck call and has gone above and beyond for her family ever since. From daycare owner, to teacher, our new teacher is wearing ALL of the educational hats this year.

Congratulations to Shelly Chase from Miss Shelly’s Daycare. Shelly was nominated by her daughter and the letter reads -

I am nominating my mom, Shelly Chase for teacher of the week! My daughter is currently being homeschooled along with another child in the daycare. My mom without hesitation agreed to homeschool both kids while running her daycare at her home. I am currently working in one of the school districts as a Para and going to school myself. The other parent is a social worker at a school district. With the year that 2020 has brought us we felt our kids we're better off at home/daycare learning! By my mom taking on this extra job as a "teacher" she has helped us out more then she knows! My mom has even set up a "classroom" setting for the kids and they work hard every day! My daughter and her friend are always so excited to show their parents what they learned that day at "Nana's School". I am nominating her to show her how much we all truly appreciate what she does for us and for our kiddos whether it is in the school aspect of things or the childcare aspect! You are our hero!

The school year looks completely different, but it's the humans who are making it work like Shelly who makes things a little bit easier. Check out these amazing pictures Shelly sent our way -

Shelly 1
Shelly 2
Shelly 3
Shelly 4
Shelly 5

Shelly, thank you for all you do for your family. And congratulations again! She got a delivery of a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist. 


You can nominate your favorite teacher to be our next Teacher of The Week HERE.

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