Some weeks, during our regular segment with Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, emotions get the best of us. The story of Lola was one of those times.

Pit Bulls dumped at Levings Lake in Rockford has become a regularity. In the last few weeks; 2 drowned pits, even one that was decapitated, have been discovered in the lake. Lola is one of the lucky ones. A Rockford police officer brought six-month old Local to Noah's Ark. She was left to die with a horrible wound on her leg.

Lola won't be available to adopt for a few weeks while her wound heals and she gains a few pounds. You can follow he progress on Noah's Ark's Facebook page. Once she's out of isolation, she will need visitors. Please visit her and all the animals looking for a 'furever' home at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary located at 111 N. First Street in downtown Rockford.

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