Our newest Pet of the Week was so much fun. Full of energy but it took her a while warm up to us. The reason why is such a sad story.

Skye, a pit/boston terrier mix, is just over a year old and couldn't be any sweeter. What makes her even more lovable is her backstory.

She was born in a breeding situation and since she was the runt, she was not going to be good "breeding material" so they were going to drown her. Luckily they decided to give her a chance and let someone take her however that was far from a rescue. Her new family only ever allowed her on a chain in the yard when she wasn't in a small kennel. Finally, a man noticed the treatment of Skye and asked if he could take her off their hands and she was then brought here. -Noah's Ark Facebook page

To adopt 'Skye' or any animal from Noah's Ark, you must pay them a visit. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is located at 111 N. 1st. in downtown Rockford. For more information visit their website.

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