I don't think any teacher was prepared for what teaching in 2020 is like. But even so, every teacher has gone above and beyond for their students to make sure they are learning and their days feel as normal as they possibly can.

Our new Teacher of The Week knows that online learning can be hard for kids, and she makes sure that her students are given opportunities to bond like they normally would.

Congratulations to our new Teacher of The Week Vanessa Saunders from Maple Elementary in Loves Park! She was nominated by Kelli Morrison and the letter reads -

Vanessa Saunders absolutely deserves to be teacher of the YEAR! A week is not enough recognition for all that she does!! She is a remote learning teacher for 5th grade. She goes above and beyond in everything she does; not only does she teach our children how to do their work she teaches us parents how to help them! If there is anything that the children or parents don’t understand she makes sure we have every opportunity to ask her whether it be over the phone, email, a live with all students present or a one on one. She also makes things interesting/fun so the kids don’t get bored, being on live instruction at least 3 times a day and being available anytime in between and an optional live session just for questions/ concerns. She has also set it up to be able to have the students, at least once a week, be able to have a lunch session on a supervised live so they can get the interaction with their classmates during lunch break. As if this wasn’t enough, Saunders does all of this with children of her own at home as well! Including a new baby! She is absolutely amazing and we can’t thank her enough for making this remote learning just a little bit easier on us parents and a little bit more ‘normal’ for our children. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Vanessa was delivered a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist.


Congrats again Vanessa!

You can nominate your favorite teacher to be our next Teacher of The Week HERE! 

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