I'm a dog owner. I actually love my dog more than anyone or anything else in the whole entire world. But I also have a boyfriend of almost 5 years so he doesn't really love when I say that. Which is understandable, but it turns out I'm not alone.

A new survey has revealed just how crazy us dog owners really are. MSN explains -

According to Riley’s results, 52% of respondents admitted to kissing their dog more than their partner. This trend continued into the respondents’ sleep habits. Out of those surveyed, 52% said they prefer to sleep in bed with their dog over their partner.

Am I part of that 52%? Yes. Does my boyfriend read my blog posts? Yes. Hi Collin, still love you. I just love kissing my dog and sleeping next to her a little too much, but so do a lot of other people apparently!

I'm probably sleeping alone tonight.

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