I think one thing that makes teachers extra special is their ability to adapt to any situation. This has always been true even since way before the pandemic started. But 2020 really put every single teacher to the test. This wasn't just adapting to something that happened in a day. It's adapting everything you knew about your profession into something completely new.

Every teacher has done an AMAZING job this year. But this week we get to highlight a special teacher who was nominated for 97ZOK's Teacher of The Week by her husband.

Congratulation's to Kassi Thew from Welsh Elementary School! Her nomination letter from her husband Hayato reads -

Kassi is my wife. She has been teaching for a few years. This year she was assigned to be a remote teacher in her new 3rd grade position. She was so nervous to be a remote teacher because that is something she has never done before.  I have seen her go from happy, sad, frustrated, excited, sleepy, discouraged, unhappy, and just thrilled to be teaching. She has questioned her skill to teach online so much. But no matter what. No matter how many unhappy students or parents she has because remote learning is NO easy thing. She still gets up every day and goes to work! She still meets with kids. She still reads to kids. She still answers questions. And that is what a teacher is supposed to do. She is there for the kids. Her students. My wife deserves this so much!

Kassi is seriously the epitome of just how amazingly teachers are adapting this year. To show some appreciation we dropped of a delicious bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist!


Do you have a favorite teacher you want to nominate? Tell us about them here.

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