This pandemic has proven it doesn't take seeing somebody in person to spread joy or have a good time. Of course it makes it better when you can share hugs and hand shakes, but the internet has proven anything is possible virtually.

Congratulations to this week's Teacher of the Week, Danielle Buttel from Dorothy Simon Elementary School.

Not only did we get to surprise Danielle with an awesome phone call, we also learned she has Zoom dance parties, so of course we had to join in on one. It was SO much fun. We all got to pick a move and everyone copied and danced along. Even Danielle's boyfriend Ryan who nominated her was on the call and danced with us.

Here's Ryan's nomination letter -

Danielle really is one of the hardest working most compassionate teachers I’ve ever seen! She has always put in countless hours after work running on little sleep finding the best way to make learning fun for her students. That has been even more emphasized now by the current E-Learning everyone is adapting to.

She does Zoom meetings/dance parties with students and parents all times of the day and never hesitates to dip into her own pocket if she finds something she feels would be educational and fun for her 2nd graders. Whenever we run into any of her past or current students they always come up to say Hi. I know there is lots I’m probably forgetting but I just think she is a really great teacher that always tries her best for her students. Thank You .

Danielle will get a gift card from Oriental Trading Company, an arrangements from Broadway Florist, and a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

You can nominate your favorite teacher here.

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