Chicago - The city where you really could see ANYTHING happen on the street.

Street performers, animals, flash mobs, you name it, you'll probably see it while walking the streets of Chicago. But this video I saw on Twitter is something I've never seen before.

I'm sure when firefighters train, they get the rundown on animals they might have to rescue in case of emergency. There's the classic cat in the tree scenario, but of course there's plenty of other cases that happen with pets in emergency situations.

I'm not sure how firefighters train to capture parrots. I don't know much about parrots as pets, but I know they're incredibly smart and trainable. So I'm sure when one gets away it's really scary, just like it is for any pet.

Chicago firefighters were riding in their firetruck back to the fire station when they got waved down by a group of people on the sidewalk. They were trying to get a parrot off of a window ledge up above.

So how do you retrieve a bird sitting up high on a window ledge? Well, they have this giant extendable pole that ended up being the perfect perch for the parrot. Luckily the bird was well behaved and got right onto the poll. But the crowd cheering in excitement afterwards is definitely the best part.

Like the tweet says it all, "Just when you think you’ve seen it all in #Chicago".

I can't get over how excited everyone is. That's one of my favorite parts about Chicago. If you can gather a crowd, they'll end up being a supportive good time for any adventure.


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