If you were wondering how people in Wisconsin are practicing social distancing, we've got your answer. And it's pretty typical Wisconsin. Especially because it involves beer.

Trevor Reinke is just like any of us right now. Stuck at home, wishing he could just have a drink with his friends. Well, lucky for Trevor, he's got a friend who lives right down the street. But in a life of social distancing, they've still got to stay home. But with technology, that doesn't mean the two can't share a beer.

Here's Trevor's video that has over 6 million views on Facebook that shows how friends in Wisconsin have a beer during a pandemic. And yes, it's a Corona beer.

According to WTVO -

Eric Trzcinski strapped a space exhaust tip to the back of his remote control car, and then shuttled a bottle of Corona – yes, Corona beer – to his friend Trevor Reinke, who lives across the street.

10/10 content. Next time you're missing your friends, just get creative.

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