This quarantine I've gotten to see a new side of teachers. I know they're incredible humans, but this pandemic has shown just how above and beyond teachers will go for their students like they're their own kids. I mean, look at this -

Credit TSM
Credit TSM

Our brand new Teacher of the Week is no exception. Congratulations to Lindsy Vincent from North Grove Elementary School! Lindsy was nominated by Erika Krull and her nomination letter reads -

Our family would like to nominate Lindsy Vincent Kindergarten teacher at North Grove Elementary in Sycamore, IL. She will always have a huge piece of our hearts. When we sent our oldest son to school she was there for our new parent jitters. Then as the year progressed she knew something was up. She took initiative and was able to place our son in a reading intervention program. She then continued working with him, even in the summers to help keep him ready for the next year.  She checked in during the years that followed, including now in middle school. Turns out he has Dyslexia. Had she not been so aware and motivated to help him he wouldn't have received early interventions to help him.
Our youngest son was also in her class. I will never forget during conference when she told me she doesn't see the same issues. We cried happy tears together! She knows the struggle. She knows the relief I would feel.  She celebrates all of her students equally. I do not know how someone can have that much to give, but she does- every single day. During one of our local football games more kids came to say Hi, give her a hug or high five than any other teacher. We have been blessed with amazing teachers, but Lindsy has a special place in our hearts as she does in many others.

We got the chance to give Lindsy a surprise call and tell her how she is our new Teacher of the Week and how she also won a gift card from Oriental Trading Company, an arrangements from Broadway Florist, and a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

You can listen to our surprise call to Lindsy where I'm pretty sure she thought she was getting Punk'd here -

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