It's the time of year where communities need to come together to make sure everyone stays warm this Winter - animals included.

You can help Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary keep cats and kittens around the Stateline warm this Winter by donating a very simple but necessary item. Noah's Ark is asking for coolers -

Their caption reads -

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Its that time of year again. Helping our community cats stay warm and dry through the winter months. PLEASE consider donating your old coolers, totes of all sizes, straw, and foam pipe wrap. Noah's Ark and PAWS are compiling these together to do a build workshop to be able to give these cat winter homes to those with cats that need help. Bring supplies you are donating to either Noah's ark or PAWS. Thank you so much. It takes a village, and our village is strong.

They asked and the community answered! Check out the results -

But they still need more donations and more help! They detailed -

We asked and you answered! A week ago we requested coolers and storage totes to build shelter for outdoor cats of our community. We have had a tremendous response but we have only just begun! We are still looking for storage totes, coolers and straw to build and provide warm housing to lots and lots of outdoor cats. Thank you for the support!

They also need volunteers to help make the cooler beds! So contact Noahs Ark at (815) 962-2767, or visit them at 111 N. 1st St Rockford, IL 61107.

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