You really can't make stories like this up.

A Utah man made the ultimate game time decision after drinking one too many. Tim Crowley was spending his weekend drinking with friends when they saw a baby bird fall from the sky onto their porch. Crowley took a picture of the bird and sent it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah.

The center asked Tim to bring the bird in, but the issue was Tim wasn't able to safely drive the bird there. So what do you do when you need to get somewhere but you've had one too many? Call an Uber.

Yeah, Tim called two Ubers (the first one denied the weird request), but the second one was up for the challenge. The driver put the little bird in a box with leaves the men gave her.

The driver explains the ride -

The only noise was the chirping. I guess he was happy when I turned off the air conditioning off and rolled the windows down a little bit. I definitely think it was a little too cold for him.

The orphaned baby bird, a lesser goldfinch, was less than 2 weeks old and is now named "Petey". It was definitely the most unique rescue the wildlife center had ever seen. Check out how cute little Petey is -


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